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Take Control of your Divorce through Mediation!

Using Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC can bring certainty to your divorce process.  When it comes to divorce, there really are only two options when there is disagreement. 

One option is to go court and become part of a lengthy, expensive, and confusing process where the court has control. 

The other more attractive option is to work with a mediator to come to a resolution that you both can live with and then present the final agreement to the court for its approval. 

The reality is that nobody knows your situation better than the two of you and nobody can come up with a resolution that you both can live with better than the two of you.   At Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC, through experience, training, and skill we help you come to an agreement for your unique situation, put that agreement in writing, and allow you to take control of your divorce.  

Using Mediation Saves You Money.

Everyone knows that attorneys are expensive costing hundreds of dollars per hour.  They also usually require large upfront retainer payments usually in the thousands of dollars.  Divorces in particular can be very profitable for attorneys because they can drag out a long time and require many attorney hours to prepare the legal documents, attend court, and even go to trial.  Most attorneys operate by sending you a bill each month for the hours they have spent working on what they refer to as "your case".  You often have no control over the work put in by the attorney.  In contrast, mediation puts you in control of the costs. 

Mediation consists of 2-3 hour sessions that allow you to control how long it will take to resolve your divorce issues.  It could take one session or several, but the key is that you are in control.  Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC provides affordable mediation services with payment plans available.   We charge a flat fee for each 2-3 hour mediation session allowing you to control how many sessions are needed to resolve the issues needed to terminate your marriage.    

The Mediation Process Benefits Each of You

Mediation takes place in the privacy of our offices.  This allows for maximum flexibility.  We can accommodate busy work schedules with sessions taking place in the evening or on a Saturday.    Mediation also can be together in one room or in separate rooms so that everyone feels comfortable.  The only thing mediation requires is that you both attend in good faith to resolve all the issues necessary to end your marriage. 

The first step of the process is to contact us today at (760) 918-5630. If you have not already discussed mediation with your spouse, we can provide the initial contact with them to discuss their desire to mediate.  Once you both agree to mediate, we will have a 30-minute free consultation with both of you to allow us to get know each other and discuss any questions about the mediation process. 

The next step is to complete an intake sheet that is simple and easy to complete.  This intake sheet provides us with the information we will need to guide the discussions to terminate your marriage.  Some mediations only take one session to resolve the issues while other more complex situations make take more. 

At the end of the mediation, you will receive a Memorandum of Understanding of the things that you agreed upon.   This Memorandum (along with the proper paperwork) can be presented to the Court to finalize your divorce.  

Mediation Works

Mediation has been successful in resolving the issues necessary to end a marriage over and over again.  

Mediation is a process based on structured conversations about the interests that are important to each of you in ending your marriage.  Each of you has the opportunity to discuss what is important to you and why it is important to you.  When there are children involved, you will need to determine how to best co-parent and what standards you both want in place for communication. 

Using Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC, provides each of you the opportunity to discuss your concerns, brainstorm resolutions, and propose solutions by focusing on your post-divorce life.  Your divorce does not have to be a dumpster fire played out in court.  We would like to help see if mediation works for you.    

Contact us today!

Are you ready to take control of your divorce?  Do you want to avoid the expense, hassle, and uncertainty of having your divorce played out in court?  If so, you Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC would love to hear from you.  To schedule a consultation call 760-918-5630 or complete our online form.

Drew Divorce Mediation is Here for You

At Drew Divorce Mediation, we help you resolve your divorce on your terms. Mediation is affordable and saves you time, money, and hopefully part of the pain of going through a divorce.

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Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC is committed to the process of helping you work though the issues necessary to be resolved to have your divorce finalized.

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