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What is mediation? 

Mediation is a conservation about making decisions.  That is a very powerful concept, the idea that you – the one who has lived the experience that brings you to mediation – own all the decision-making power.  While mediations can differ, a mediation does follow a typical path of:

  1. Introduction and Signing of Mediation Agreement
  2. Getting Background Information for you
  3. Determining Interests and Goals
  4. Setting an Agenda
  5. Brainstorming Solutions
  6. Coming to Agreement
  7. Writing and Signing the Agreement

The unique thing about mediation is that you get to make the decisions rather than leaving the decisions to the Court.

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At Drew Divorce Mediation, we help you resolve your divorce on your terms. Mediation is affordable and saves you time, money, and hopefully part of the pain of going through a divorce.

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