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Post-Divorce Mediation

After your divorce is final, there may have been a change of circumstances that requires your divorce to be modified to take into account the new circumstance.  The change of circumstances could be financial or related to parenting such as:

  • One parent remarries
  • One parent moves or wants to move
  • A change of income
  • Disagreements over parenting
  • Disagreements over discipline
  • Disagreements over how to handle a child's behavior
  • Disagreements over what your divorce terms mean

Mediation is a valuable cost efficient tool to discuss these changes or disagreements in a neutral environment with a mediator guiding the process.  Rather than jump into a court battle to let the court resolve the change or disagreement, call Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC at 760-918-5630 or complete our online form.

Drew Divorce Mediation is Here for You

At Drew Divorce Mediation, we help you resolve your divorce on your terms. Mediation is affordable and saves you time, money, and hopefully part of the pain of going through a divorce.

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Drew Divorce Mediation, LLC is committed to the process of helping you work though the issues necessary to be resolved to have your divorce finalized.

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